Back to reality

And the new schoolyear has started again. It's the second week now and i'm allready bored as hell. I'm not a modelstudent. I lose focus during classes and I fall asleep when I'm supposed to study. I'm going to have to try my hardest this year to keep up with my subjects. But not everything about the new schoolyear is bad. I get to see my friends again, and go out with them on thursdaynights. Lucky for me this year isn't going to be all bad. I'm looking for a new hobby, to get my mind of studying once in a while. I decided I'm going swimming every sundaymorning, but that's not enough. I want to take some kind of evening course, like photography or make-up training. But none of those two are offered in my neighbourhood, or they're insanely expensive. So the search continues. I'll keep you guys posted on my findings!
Here's a picture of when the times where better; my holiday in Turkey! 
We had wine on a terrace overlooking the red river.

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