On the wishlist #1: derbys

Leather blucher-Massimo Dutti €125

I've been eyeing these shoes for weeks(months?!) now, and to be completely honest I really don't need them. Or so I thought. Ever since I first saw these shoes I've been coming up with reasons to buy them. And yesterday, I found a semi-good one. Eureka!

I work as a hostess in the weekends, and whenever i have a job I get to wear this awesome suit. We're supposed to wear 'classy' shoes underneath, so I always wear black heals. They are an absolute TORTURE. I can wear them for a couple of hours, but anything longer than that makes me want to die. And I'm only exaggerating a little. 

It was when I was crying internally yesterday that I thought of the ideal solution; the derby's from heaven. An excuse to buy another pair of shoes, and a solution to help my aching toes. Aagh I'm a genious ;) 

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