New bag haul.

Hey guys!
Back in october I found this really pretty bag, but I didn't want to buy it because I have so many already. In the next few weeks I passed the shop regularly and every time I saw that bag again and I couldn't get it of my mind. I decided I would get it as a birthday present to myself. I didn't allow myself to wear it though, I wanted to keep it new until I went to Disney. 

The store I bought the bag from is called Meli Melo, and it's a lovely little shop in the centre of Kortrijk. They sell "chic"looking shoes and purses, but for a very affordable price. I've visited the store many times, but this is my first purchase. I'm certain it won't be my last! (I saw a pair of boots that would look lovely with my favourite wintercoat)
I love how classy it looks. It reminds me a lot of a Louis Vuitton Alma, but without the pricetag. They had it in black as well, but I really loved this brown colour, and I know it will go well with many items in my wardrobe.

I like the short straps, but the long strap that came with the bag will be very handy. When my arms get tired I can still carry the bag across my shoulder.

This bag only costed me 40 euro. It's not real leather, but I don't think you can expect this with such a cheap price.

I hope you guys like my bag as much as I do!
Lots of love, Yasmine.

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